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MTC week 3!

Hey family and friends!!
Straight up, I love the MTC.  This is pretty much the greatest place on the planet.  I’m so obsessed. 
If there was one thing I could change it might be the food, but I can handle it. At least I don’t have to cook it!  Some days the meals are really good though! And if they aren’t – salads are the way to go.
I still can’t get over the fact that one moment you can be having the most spiritual moment ever, and the next you are just laughing, and then you are just studying intensely.  We condense so much stuff into each day – I’m exhausted by the time my head hits the pillow!
One thing that is super fun is that my district plays sand volleyball every gym time – it’s the best.  We get to go barefoot and it’s the only sport that Elders and Sisters can play together.  We always get so excited when it’s gym time – it’s probably one of the funnest times of the day! (except when it happens right after a meal – then it don’t feel too good haha)
Spanish is coming along great!!  I don’t really feel like I’ve learned that much, but when I think about it, my speaking is so much better.  My district is actually signing a pact (or “Declaracion de Dedicacion”) to speak only Spanish from 6:30 AM til 9:30 PM – if us Hermanas mess up we have to say something nice (in Spanish) to whoever caught us, and if the Elders mess up they have to take of their tie and then retie it.  I think us Hermanas have it easier haha, but I have a feeling we’ll be pretty upset with whoever caught us – so it might be hard!
So supposedly we get some new Hermanas in our room on Wednesday!! They will most likely be native speakers who just come for the 12 days, but I’m super stoked to meet them!  I hope they are as awesome as the Hermanas I’ve already got!
Saturday night was pretty much the greatest.  I cried like a baby – but I guess that’s just what the Spirit does to me! What can I say – the MTC is making me way too emotional.  Me and my companion got to teach two lessons that day, so when it got around to our lesson that night, we were a bit exhausted with planning, but we thought we had a really great lesson planned!  It didn’t go as planned, but I think it was better.  We all really felt the Spirit – I was seriously crying – and the room just felt full. I definitely have a testimony of the power of heart-felt prayer.  I know that the Lord really cares about everyone. Hermano Lloyd decided to have our district just have a testimony meeting outside after that.  It was inspired, because we all definitely felt the Spirit really strongly there, and it was just awesome to really edify each other and grow closer together as we learned more about each other.  I definitely have a testimony that our district was meant to be together.  They are awesome. 
I seriously love you all!! You should all write me or dearelder me or what not!  I miss you all like cray. 
Hermana Newey

gotta love the MTC!

Everybody says here that the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days….it’s so true!  So much is jam-packed into one day, and then again, I can’t believe I’ve been here for almost two weeks.  It’s cray.
What’s amazing too is how close you get to these people too in such a short time.  Last night one of the Elders in my district was saying how he didn’t think we could get any closer after the first week, but it just keeps happening! We just had some Elders from our Zone leave this morning and it was totes sad, it’s like saying goodbye to family (not as emotional, but maybe even more so because chances are we won’t see each other again).
But we always have so much fun here at the MTC!  Supposedly we aren’t to be sarcastic or laugh excessively…but we definitely don’t follow that!  We can definitely focus on the work when we need to, but sometimes you just need to have a good laugh sesh.  It’s definitely a good sign that our district can have so much fun together, because we really feel like a family, I love them all! When we’re feeling down we can lift each other up, and it’s so great.  I absolutely love being around such great Elders who hold the Priesthood.  This weekend I was feeling really homesick, and I just felt like I really needed a blessing, and the Elders were right there, ready and willing to give me a blessing – and it was exactly what I needed.  It was such a cool experience.
And I got to sing in the MTC Choir yesterday (Sunday) for the majority of the 12 Apostles!  It was so amazing.  I was so lucky to be here when the worldwide broadcast happened.  Things like that don’t happen very often! It was interesting to watch it from a missionaries point of view, because it didn’t really affect us that much, but it really put a lot of emphasis on members being vital in the work, which I think was super cool! It’s going to be interesting to see if what was said really influences people.  And it’s cool being in the States, because I think what they said about internet and social media usage will affect us here more quickly than it does elsewhere. But we’ll see!
It’s so hard to think of what else to say! These weeks are flying by and it’s hard to remember all that happened!  One cool thing though…So our “investigator” who became our teacher after one week, me and my companion committed to baptism before he even announced he was a teacher (we all knew though!).  It was definitely a cool experience.  I won’t really give much details, but even though these lessons aren’t the real deal, you really learn how important it is to rely on the Spirit in the work. 
But we definitely have two awesome teachers for our district.  One is really spiritually in tune and I leave his class just feeling really inspired, and the other is just so intense and his lessons are “machetazos”! It’s a great balance. 
Like I said, I love it here in the MTC! Hope everyone is doing well! Love you all!
Hermana Newey

First Week in MTC!!!

Hey family and friends!
The MTC is great!  Who knew there could be a place where you could laugh so much, and feel the Spirit so strongly, all in the same day?!  It’s awesome.  I think I’m probably laughing so much though because I’m constantly tired.  But esta bien! It’s all worth it.  The joy of being here is so worth it. 
Somehow my District got the earliest meal times, so breakfast is at 6:30, and dinner is at 4…es loco.  I wake up at 5:30, just to shower and get ready, and then we are all starving by 8pm.  It’s difficult, but not too much.
I have an awesome district! We have 4 Hermanas y 6 Elderes.  It’s only been less than a week here and we already get along super well!  And I have the best companion, Hermana Merrill!! She is one of the 19 yr olds and is such a sweetheart. She’s from Houston, Texas area.  She knows less Spanish than I do, so it is great practice for me to teach her.
Memorable moments:
 – When we all ran into our “investigator” Jose Camargo in the stairwell…wearing his teaching nametag. Is real name is Hermano Savio, and it will be funny to see how our lesson goes after his cover had been blown.  Some of the members in our district didn’t know he was a teacher, so they were pretty shocked.  It was pretty funny.
– While we did our laundry we sat with two Hermanas who are from Mexico and Argentina…coming to serve in Missouri and learning English! It was such an awesome conversation, us speaking Spanish, and them speaking English.  It was so cool. 
– Making it into MTC choir for the Broadcast on Sunday!!  You all should watch and try to find me.  I’ll have my curly hair, and either a bright blue or yellow shirt (probably blue).  I’m so excited to be able to sing for the Prophet.  It is such an honor.
– Just so many good times. We just laugh so much here. 
Estoy agradecido estar aqui en el CCM. El Evangelio es verdadero.  Lo amo Jesucristo y nuestro Padre Celestial.  Yo se que Jesucristo es mi Salvador y Redentor. 
Con Amor
Hermana Newey
And I’d love to get Dear Elders! They are free and just right online and I get it that day! My address is:
 Sister Colleen Ruth Newey
July24 NV-LV
 2013 N 900 E Unit 333
 Provo UT 84202

receiving my call

WOW.  There are no emotions that can compare to what I felt when I opened that envelope and read those fateful words.  It is amazing how just a location, date and language can alter the entire course of your life.  I had always pictured myself going somewhere foreign on my mission, so when the first word that popped out was “Nevada”, my heart sank slightly.  I started reading the letter aloud to my friends in the room and my family on Skype, not sure how to mask the disappointment.  lt wasn’t until I read the mission name aloud that the tears began to form.  I knew in that very moment that I was overcome by the Holy Spirit, my Comforter, confirming to me that the Nevada Las Vegas Mission, speaking Spanish, is where I am needed, and I couldn’t be more excited!  I am so grateful for prophets on this Earth who can receive divine inspiration from God as to where each missionary is meant to serve.  I know that my Heavenly Father knows my name, loves me unconditionally, and has prepared both the people in the Nevada Las Vegas Mission and myself so that I can bring some of His children back into the fold.  I am so grateful to know that while the Lord’s plans for me may not match my own, His plans are the ones that matter and that will bless me more than I could ever imagine.  I can’t wait to be blessed by all that there is in the Nevada Las Vegas Mission!

Vegas, baby! Vegas!

And guess what? I get the Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, and the London Bridge, all in one mission! Can’t top that.