transfer day! (9-2-13)

6 weeks up in the mission field! Which means 12 weeks since I left home…how crazy is that? 12 weeks isn’t long in terms of 18 months, but when I think of how fast these weeks have gone by, it’s kind of scary to think how fast the 18 months will fly by. But also, thinking about how exhausted I’ve been these past 6 weeks just work work working, I think I might be grateful when the 18 months come and I can finally relax! Missionary work is hard, but so worth it.
Lately we’ve been seeing a lot of the side of missionary work being hard, not much of the worth it. There has been a ton of knocking on doors without much walking through them. It’s definitely been rough. After a while your hand starts to hurt! haha. Sometimes it can be really discouraging though. After knocking on 10 doors you start to lose hope that the people behind the next door will be ready to listen. But that is never the right attitude to have. Most doors might not open, but there are some that will! I think of one door in particular. We have visited that house I guess 5 times now. The first time no one answered. The second time S. opened and let us in (because it was raining!) and we shared about the Book of Mormon and she definitely had some interesting opinions that we will have to work with, but she will definitely be fun to teach if we continue to get the chance. The third time M. opened, and she is seriously the nicest. She couldn’t let us in right then because she was getting her kids ready for the first day of school the next day, but she was so sweet. She even apologized for not joining us when we taught S. that first time because she was on the phone with someone. The fourth time M. was there again, with her neighbor. She opened the door and literally without hesitation asked if we wanted to come inside. It was such a blessing. A lot of people when they have company over will say that they are too busy with company to let us in, but they both welcomed us in and loved listening to our message. Thinking back on that moment it was a miracle that we found both M. and her neighbor there together. I’m so excited to start teaching them both! M. is so ready for this gospel, and her neighbor pretty much has a testimony of the Gospel, she just doesn’t know it yet. Hermana Nieto and I joked that that lesson felt like an LTM because we were teaching, but she pretty much testified of what we said. She definitely has a lot of things to learn, but I see a lot of potential in her. The fifth time we visited no one opened, but hope definitely isn’t lost. We will go visit again soon.
Another blessing: Torrential downpour on friday morning. Seriously the best.
And then the greatest blessing ever….F. and N. got married!!! It was so cute!! They were so excited to know that they were finally able to live the Law of Chastity. We got to help do the decorations on friday night and then the ceremony was on saturday. She was so pretty and they looked so happy. I also got to sit at the “family table” for the first time in my life. I was going to go and sit with the Elders with my dinner, but the bride called me back and said that the seats were saved specially for us Sisters that helped teach her husband. It was humbling to think how the people we teach really are grateful for our being there to support them. I have only been with them for 6 weeks, but they treat us like family. I did feel slightly awkward sitting at the front, but I loved getting to sit by the bride. And then….F’s baptism was on Sunday! It wasn’t the smoothest running baptismal service ever, not in the least bit, but it truly was a blessing to be able to see how happy he was to finally take this step in his life after having to go through a lot of hard things. There were 6 of us Sister Missionaries who helped teach him, so he asked all of us to participate and I gave the closing prayer. I could really feel the Spirit testify to me that he is ready to start this new path and that he will be blessed for his desire to live this Gospel. I’m so excited for him!!
I love this Gospel and the joy it brings into my life. I love that I have the opportunity to share that with the people here in Montebello. (Oh yeah, transfers happened and I’m staying right where I am with Hermana Nieto!) I’m ready to continue to work hard here for the next 6 weeks and hopefully see the fruits of our labors. Missionary work is the best.

Hermana Newey/Kiwi


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