Nearing the end of transfer 1! (8-26-13)

So I’m pretty much loving missionary life. It can be really rough out here, but you can always see the silver linings. Sister Nieto and I have been getting a little bit down on ourselves lately (not getting the numbers that we want/expect, having investigators fall through and refuse to talk to us, and the list goes on), but we decided that we needed to start a “miracle board” where we write down a couple of miracles at the end of every day. So we go to bed thinking about the positive things that happened that day. Que bendicion. There are seriously so many tender mercies we can find as we look for them. Funny story: at Gospel Principles we had this guy come to church for the first time and he told of how God has blessed him: by giving him marijuana. He also told of how he used to be in a gang and stab people, but he got shot in the back so now he is in a wheelchair. It was a bit crazy. My companion was actually teaching the lesson, but she handled it all super well and just moved on with the lesson. It was pretty cray!
We have a wedding to go to on Saturday, and then the baptism on Sunday! I seriously think I might cry if that falls through – but I think it will all be well. This family is seriously the best. I love going to their house. We actually did the Anti-Nephi-Lehi lesson with them yesterday: we wrote down what we wanted to give up (he is working on abstaining from drinking – and he’s being a boss at it!) and then we buried our papers in the ground. They love giving people nicknames too: I’m either Hermana Kiwi or Ricitos de Oro (they sing some jingle that was for a shampoo commercial back in Mexico to me – it’s seriously stuck in my head all the time now).
We went to the funeral of a sweet sister on Saturday – it was really precious hearing her family speak of how blessed they have been to have her in their lives.
This email is super short today, but all in all it’s been a solid week. Not many lessons but we’ve been meeting a lot of various people out in the streets as we go from lesson to lesson. I met this really cool lady yesterday who had a dog named “Chuey” (I think that is how you spell that) – so I said “Like from Star Wars?” She got excited when I said that, because apparently no one else ever gets the reference. That dog seriously looked like a mini Chuey though, he was so precious.
So that’s it for this week!!

Hermana Newey/Kiwi/Ricitos de Oro 🙂


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