another week (9-9-13)

Every new week is never like I expected it to be when it started. This past week was such an example of that. We have really been struggling recently with the investigators that we have had. Appointments fall through. They drop us (decide that they don’t want to be taught anymore). It’s been rough. Miraculously though, this week we were able to find 7 new investigators. It was seriously such a blessing. I’m absolutely loving it. A lot of the new investigators have amazing stories of how they have been prepared to hear this Gospel. Some examples:
N. – we literally just street contacted him on Saturday. He is older, lives with his son’s family (his ex-wife lives down the street with the daughter…). We were trying to visit his neighbor, who is an investigator, but N. was just outside working in his yard. Apparently my companion was praying super hard while I was writing a Post-It for our investigator so that N. would stay outside so that we could talk to him. We go over and he was seriously golden. At first he didn’t seem interested, but then we came to realize that he has been searching for a really long time for the truth. He was so excited to read the Book of Mormon! It was slightly awkward when he asked us if there was someone smarter than us that he could talk to, but it ended up that he just meant that he just wanted to know who he would have to talk to to get answers to his questions – but he was perfectly content when we told him that we would teach him. We are super excited for our appointment with him on wednesday!
O. and R. – This was seriously a miracle find. They are neighbors of one of the sisters in our ward. (This sister is seriously the greatest by the way. She has been married several times, but she recently married the love of her life, her eternal companion, but he recently passed away of a brain tumor. Her faith and testimony is so strong.) Her husband, before he passed away, was good friends with O., and he always offered to send the missionaries, but they never came. So recently, when an appointment fell through, this wonderful sister invited us over to go contact O. He was super nice and invited us back. We just went over last night, and it ends up that they were taught several years ago by two sister missionaries back in California! (they are originally from El Salvador). They absolutely loved them. Apparently one of the Sisters visited them about three years ago here in Vegas, but they have had no contact since. R. is really sad about it. We told her she should try facebook – they know the full names of both of the Sisters. They were telling us stories of when the Sisters taught them, for example, one time they came over and made cheesecake for them – so now they really want us to too! We’ll have to figure out a recipe so that we can do that for them haha.
We get to leave the mission! I actually got to leave last week, I just forgot to say it. On exchanges in Paradise Stake, my temporary companion had a doctors appointment out in the West Las Vegas Mission. We almost drove through the strip to go there (we were a block away), but we decided to go further down on Las Vegas Blvd so we wouldn’t have to…it was a bit sketch. And now we get to go back out to the West Mission for a conference where Elder Anderson is going to come (tommorow)! Everyone is talking about what they think he is going to say.
Also, another miracle from yesterday: We had a few Less Active members come back to church! It was such an exciting day. We had no investigators come, but just seeing people come back after so long was such a blessing. What was so big about it too was that these people had been offended in some way and decided they wanted nothing to do with the church, but they have found a way to forgive.
Being a missionary is the best!

Hermana Newey


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