One week left…wait what?!

Familia y Amigos,
It’s always hard to think of new things to tell you all each week, because it’s pretty much a time warp here.  It all feels pretty much the same, and you never really know what happened what week!  But I actually wrote out a list of things that were exciting or funny this week, so I have new things to say aside from just saying “the MTC is awesome!”  So here goes:
I got my travel plans this week!! It’s pretty exciting.  The only person in my district who hasn’t gotten their plans yet is my companion Hermana Merrill – she is serving in Salt Lake City Central, so we’re just assuming that she is going to get on a bus the morning of and head up (we like to joke though that she is going to have to push all of her belongings to SLC in a handcart haha).  But I leave on July 24…at 4:30am. My flight actually leaves at 8:30am and then I get to Las Vegas at 9am.  So my flight is definitely the easiest of everyone else in my district!  The first one to leave is Hermana Binks at 2:30am Sunday night for Louisville; and then from there it is Elders Egbert and Johnson to Honduras, Tegucigalpa; Hermana Smith to Alabama, Birmingham; Elders Smith and Potter to Guatemala, Retalhuehu (I don’t actually know how to spell that..), and then Elders Chandler and Elbaba leave an hour after me for Ohio, Cincinnati.  It’s sad that we will all head our separate ways after the MTC, but it’s also cool that we all get to go different places.  Everyone is going to do amazing things on their missions. I’m so excited!
Today my district gets to help clean the temple!  We actually leave in one hour to head up there and help out for three hours.  I’ve never been so excited to clean in my life.  I’m honored to have the opportunity.  It was disappointing a couple of weeks ago when we were told that we couldn’t go to the temple anymore because it’s closed for several weeks this summer, but it’s definitely a blessing that we get to go back again, even if it’s just to clean, before we leave.
We got to host last week like I said, and we get to do it again this week!  It’s crazy to see other missionaries saying goodbye to their families and then helping them through their first 15 minutes of the MTC.  I got slightly emotional seeing it all!  It was definitely a nice break from all of the study time and class time that we have. 
One thing that is super cool about our P-Days is that we get to go to the TRC that night. (The TRC at the Provo Missionary Training Center is a place for volunteers to come and let the missionaries teach them and help bring them closer to Jesus Christ.)  In the English TRC people can actually pretend to be nonmembers, but in the Spanish TRC we teach members as themselves – so we don’t teach the lessons as you would to an investigator, you actually teach it to help the person.  It’s cool.  But…last week there was legitimately a nonmember at our TRC: A Catholic priest from Spain came to visit the MTC.  Two of the companionships in our district got to speak with him and they said it was really amazing to listen to him.  He was just this awesome man who has this great view on life.  He takes his students to visit Utah every year because he loves how important families are to the Mormon culture.  He supposedly said that he will be coming back next week, so we will see what happens!
Devotionals are pretty much the best here.  Rumor is that we might be getting someone big on Tuesday because they are going to broadcast it (to the other MTC’s I think), but even if it is someone you’ve never heard of, they are generally still good!  One of the greatest devotionals I have ever been to happened last Tuesday.  Elder L Lionel Kendrick spoke.  He spoke on the Holy Spirit, and it was just amazing. You couldn’t write down fast enough all that he had to say.  Here at the MTC I have been learning a lot about personal revelation, and his devotional was just the icing on the cake.  The coolest part though was when he blessed every single missionary in that room at one time.  You could just feel the Priesthood power fill the room.  We also have the most amazing Relief Society speakers.  We have had Sheri Dew come speak to us, and this week we had Carole Mikita this week.  I love it!
Fun things that have happened:
Practicing the subjunctive as Hermano Lloyd drew a picture on the whiteboard of an elephant serving a mission in the language of the flamingos – it was wierd but we couldn’t stop laughing
Every monday morning we have breakfast with our Zone (since we don’t go to the temple) – it’s just fun getting to know everyone in the Zone.  Everyone is super awesome!
Elder Potter always saying “superbien” in the weirdest voice.
Elder Chandler just zings us with what he says – he seriously has the best comebacks, yet he’s always just smiling when he says them!
Hermana Binks accidentally calling herself Hermana Smith “That’s Hermana Smith to you!”
Playing volleyball in the rain.
We seriously just laugh all of the time.  I love this place.  But I’m so excited to get out into the field!
And one of the coolest things was that we got to share what we thought everyone strengths in our District were with each other.  It’s amazing how awesome everyone is. 
Love you all!
Hermana Newey

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