All is Well

Family and friends,
I have only 2 weeks and 2 days left here! What the what?  It’s pretty cray.  The four Hermanas that were here when we arrived leave tomorrow, which just feels so wierd (I’m going to miss them so much!). We’re going to be the oldest District now.  When ever a District leaves we sing “God Be With You Til We Meet Again” enthusiastically, but in Spanish – it’s crazy to think that will be us in just 2 weeks….Also, my comp and I got a calling – Music Coordinators for our Zone! Haha we have to pick the music for Sacrament Meeting, and wait for it…Priesthood. Haha random.
So Fourth of July. What a day.  So I’ve officially decided that the MTC is a pro at keeping secrets.  You never know who the Devotional speaker will be til the day of (my Living Prophet’s teacher Brother Richardson spoke last Tuesday, which was pretty cool)…and 4th of July they were preeetty sneaky.  So they told us we were having a special July 4th event thing  that night, with some video and fireworks – so we all just assumed it would be a video of fireworks (due to the fact that our  bedtime is before the fireworks even start).  Plot twist: The video was “17 Miracles”…and we got to stay up late! The movie ended around 10ish and then we watched the fireworks from Stadium of Fire.  You should have seen how proud the MTC Presidency looked when they pulled that one off.  What they did fail to tell us though, was that even though we were allowed to stay up late (til like 11) we were still cursed the next morning because we were just straight up exhausted.  Everyone was zombies the next morning.  It was rough to say the least.  But I have never actually enjoyed fireworks before, but I strangely did on Thursday!  Maybe it was because we were standing up so I couldn’t fall asleep, and everyone was just so excited (our Elders were just oooing and ahhhing the entire time haha). One sad thing though was that they turned the movie off right before the last scene,  and supposedly it is the best part! Hermana Merrill told me what happened though, so that was good – wish I could have seen it though!! But that movie is super good.  I’m actually really impressed with the quality of some Mormon films – we watched the Joseph Smith movie last night, and that was pretty well done as well.
We get to Host this Wednesday!! I’m pumped.  It feels like yesterday I was getting here, and now I get to help new Sisters as they arrive!  It’s gon be fun.
I seriously fail at thinking of things to say in these emails.  So much happens, but it all just takes too long to explain or I just forget it all as I sit down to write.  But all is well here at the MTC! I still love it! My District is awesome, even my Zone is awesome!  Seriously, Missionaries are awesome.  Everyone is going to go out and kill it on their missions. 

One super cool thing about being at the MTC is just how awesomely in tune everyone is with the Spirit. When we practice teaching with our District you can just tell how much everyone has grown.  And we can have discussions about things as simple as the importance of Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy, and everyone has just such great insights.  It’s pretty awesome.  I haven’t had any crazy experiences this week, but I’m just growing so much in my testimony.  This Gospel is seriously the greatest. ever. 


Hermana Newey

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