MTC week 3!

Hey family and friends!!
Straight up, I love the MTC.  This is pretty much the greatest place on the planet.  I’m so obsessed. 
If there was one thing I could change it might be the food, but I can handle it. At least I don’t have to cook it!  Some days the meals are really good though! And if they aren’t – salads are the way to go.
I still can’t get over the fact that one moment you can be having the most spiritual moment ever, and the next you are just laughing, and then you are just studying intensely.  We condense so much stuff into each day – I’m exhausted by the time my head hits the pillow!
One thing that is super fun is that my district plays sand volleyball every gym time – it’s the best.  We get to go barefoot and it’s the only sport that Elders and Sisters can play together.  We always get so excited when it’s gym time – it’s probably one of the funnest times of the day! (except when it happens right after a meal – then it don’t feel too good haha)
Spanish is coming along great!!  I don’t really feel like I’ve learned that much, but when I think about it, my speaking is so much better.  My district is actually signing a pact (or “Declaracion de Dedicacion”) to speak only Spanish from 6:30 AM til 9:30 PM – if us Hermanas mess up we have to say something nice (in Spanish) to whoever caught us, and if the Elders mess up they have to take of their tie and then retie it.  I think us Hermanas have it easier haha, but I have a feeling we’ll be pretty upset with whoever caught us – so it might be hard!
So supposedly we get some new Hermanas in our room on Wednesday!! They will most likely be native speakers who just come for the 12 days, but I’m super stoked to meet them!  I hope they are as awesome as the Hermanas I’ve already got!
Saturday night was pretty much the greatest.  I cried like a baby – but I guess that’s just what the Spirit does to me! What can I say – the MTC is making me way too emotional.  Me and my companion got to teach two lessons that day, so when it got around to our lesson that night, we were a bit exhausted with planning, but we thought we had a really great lesson planned!  It didn’t go as planned, but I think it was better.  We all really felt the Spirit – I was seriously crying – and the room just felt full. I definitely have a testimony of the power of heart-felt prayer.  I know that the Lord really cares about everyone. Hermano Lloyd decided to have our district just have a testimony meeting outside after that.  It was inspired, because we all definitely felt the Spirit really strongly there, and it was just awesome to really edify each other and grow closer together as we learned more about each other.  I definitely have a testimony that our district was meant to be together.  They are awesome. 
I seriously love you all!! You should all write me or dearelder me or what not!  I miss you all like cray. 
Hermana Newey

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