First Week in MTC!!!

Hey family and friends!
The MTC is great!  Who knew there could be a place where you could laugh so much, and feel the Spirit so strongly, all in the same day?!  It’s awesome.  I think I’m probably laughing so much though because I’m constantly tired.  But esta bien! It’s all worth it.  The joy of being here is so worth it. 
Somehow my District got the earliest meal times, so breakfast is at 6:30, and dinner is at 4…es loco.  I wake up at 5:30, just to shower and get ready, and then we are all starving by 8pm.  It’s difficult, but not too much.
I have an awesome district! We have 4 Hermanas y 6 Elderes.  It’s only been less than a week here and we already get along super well!  And I have the best companion, Hermana Merrill!! She is one of the 19 yr olds and is such a sweetheart. She’s from Houston, Texas area.  She knows less Spanish than I do, so it is great practice for me to teach her.
Memorable moments:
 – When we all ran into our “investigator” Jose Camargo in the stairwell…wearing his teaching nametag. Is real name is Hermano Savio, and it will be funny to see how our lesson goes after his cover had been blown.  Some of the members in our district didn’t know he was a teacher, so they were pretty shocked.  It was pretty funny.
– While we did our laundry we sat with two Hermanas who are from Mexico and Argentina…coming to serve in Missouri and learning English! It was such an awesome conversation, us speaking Spanish, and them speaking English.  It was so cool. 
– Making it into MTC choir for the Broadcast on Sunday!!  You all should watch and try to find me.  I’ll have my curly hair, and either a bright blue or yellow shirt (probably blue).  I’m so excited to be able to sing for the Prophet.  It is such an honor.
– Just so many good times. We just laugh so much here. 
Estoy agradecido estar aqui en el CCM. El Evangelio es verdadero.  Lo amo Jesucristo y nuestro Padre Celestial.  Yo se que Jesucristo es mi Salvador y Redentor. 
Con Amor
Hermana Newey
And I’d love to get Dear Elders! They are free and just right online and I get it that day! My address is:
 Sister Colleen Ruth Newey
July24 NV-LV
 2013 N 900 E Unit 333
 Provo UT 84202

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