receiving my call

WOW.  There are no emotions that can compare to what I felt when I opened that envelope and read those fateful words.  It is amazing how just a location, date and language can alter the entire course of your life.  I had always pictured myself going somewhere foreign on my mission, so when the first word that popped out was “Nevada”, my heart sank slightly.  I started reading the letter aloud to my friends in the room and my family on Skype, not sure how to mask the disappointment.  lt wasn’t until I read the mission name aloud that the tears began to form.  I knew in that very moment that I was overcome by the Holy Spirit, my Comforter, confirming to me that the Nevada Las Vegas Mission, speaking Spanish, is where I am needed, and I couldn’t be more excited!  I am so grateful for prophets on this Earth who can receive divine inspiration from God as to where each missionary is meant to serve.  I know that my Heavenly Father knows my name, loves me unconditionally, and has prepared both the people in the Nevada Las Vegas Mission and myself so that I can bring some of His children back into the fold.  I am so grateful to know that while the Lord’s plans for me may not match my own, His plans are the ones that matter and that will bless me more than I could ever imagine.  I can’t wait to be blessed by all that there is in the Nevada Las Vegas Mission!

Vegas, baby! Vegas!

And guess what? I get the Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, and the London Bridge, all in one mission! Can’t top that.



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